Candidates x work position

Candidates x work position, psycho tests


Candidates x work position

In present time of general education and at least in the Czech Republic

for coming profession infelicitous education, the graduation in schools

is the most important because of getting the degree and therefore following

not happy Image pursueing. But in the end, from the long point of view, it is

much more better to requalify somebody who has got some talent and wants

than a qualified one who just only fullfilled the parents´dream.

So if you consider my service ,as for the price, much more better than the price

of seminars, lessons, to be behind development of the companies, some salaries,

administration …and you do not want to emphasize the first impression.

So send me the dates and hours of  birth + sexes + degree

( * - basic, ** - secondary, *** - university ) and description of working place

with your e-mail address where you want to send the response as the news

for the recipient  with the amount of money demanded to account number :


Name of an account of recipient : David Buchwaldek


IBAN : CZ86 0800 0000 0010 3024 6153


Bank of recipient BIC : GIBACZPX


Country of recipient : Czech Republic


If I am not on business (what you can find in News) I will send you the response

in a week. Please, send the complete information necessary for the theme

otherwise it is not an analyse but only worthless judgement. If you do not know

what time you were born, you can find it in the local register of birth.

I would recommend to send only the  certificated information .

( Not to make a mistake )


Candidates x work position : 120,- Euro / 1 person


Example of the object of reimbursement : / 18:20 13.4. 1975 M  *** /

1:40 7.6. 1976 F* / 16:32 1.6. 1976 M** / 8:20 1.10. 1981 M** / 

Candidates x work position / Name + description of work position


The model which you receive can be seen here _ Candidates x work position.