Types and tricks for life :-)

Types and tricks for life :-)


Types and tricks for life :-)

Here I would like to gather maximum of life experience in order not to learn

only from our own mistakes. That´s true that the wisest is the one who made

all the mistakes. But why not to avoid it, eh ?

So write to me and I will be glad to open it to  the public.



1, Time is not only a constant spectator but a terrorist.

The more we need it or the older we are , it runs away faster.

Also in front of the screen it is 5x faster.


2, The unity is in the strength.


3, It is neccessary to pay attention to the first sight when we do not have

several years to improve it.


4, We can reach much more favourable results by making the causes more

optimum. Making  consequences more optimum, we will get more and more

consequences to be more optimum. So I say  what makes people to solve results

but not causes ? Do people love their work so much or ( being so in a hurry )

do not they realise the value of this short time being here ?

Why do they invent security cameras systems and new reformatory prisons,

why they strengthen local policeforces to catch sprayers, why they makejournalists, psychologists and experts to solve theses problems ... instead

of offering children interesting ways of spending their free time.

They should clean rivers and do not drink water from the taps but not to drive

non ecologically and very expensively on roads. We should employ  little sheperds

to look after the grass. Do we really like the sound of mowers than very pleasant

sound of little bells ? Or is it about simple view where the mower is a little bit

more effective and nobody solves the problem how expensive is the cure

of alergic people who suffer from a big amount of alergens form this grass

mill. We had better deal with the task when it is the proper time to have a baby

or which partner is really suitable for us. Why do not we employ instead of so

called „ social workers „ ( who deal with problems of redistribution of parents

property to secure children ) advisers who would give us from the beginning

some advice how to choose our partner, what is the best term of giving birth,

what are suitable names for children, … so that we could minimalize the pssibility

of problems. In fact it is the same problem why we are lazy to do something

for health prevention and how much then our laziness or better nearness costs … .


5, I do not recommend childbirth in water – concractions which support childbirt

are loosing and the nurse has bad approach and orientation in místy water.

It makes an incision of perineum and then healing worse.


6, Try to watch the world by the eyes of other people.


7, To be friendly, kind and  able to listen is more than to be true.


8, Sometimes everybody needs to hold someone´s hand and heart

which understands.


9, Life is like a roll of toilet paper.

The more you rush the faster you get to the end.

( Nothing is better than the golden middle way ) 


10, Love each other ! 


11, If you are full of bitterness, happiness will stay somewhere else.


12, Everybody should keep own words gentle and tender because tomorrow

they could  come back to him.


13, Giving advice is the best only in two situations :

if you are asked or in a danger of life.


14, Men as well as women find lovers to make their lives more pleasant.

The difference is that women are not satisfied with a short period

I do not recommend it both but especially a woman. It destroys the relationship

which is the nicest when they both are the first sexual partners

+ a man is dominant ( a fireman is better leader than a fire )

a woman is submissive  + they have the same interests and views on life.


15, No woman is worth betraying or humbling your friend.


16, Personality is influenced downward by the year of birth, time of birth,

month, day, sex, name, genetic origin, bringing up, country where the person

was born, … All this can give a big amount of final combinations.

These factors are judged by many numerologers, astrologers, shamans,

psychologists or other devoted heads deal with that on the basis of limited

but also ( within one life  ) rich experiences and abilities. So I wonder

what it would be like  if all these people and their experiences joined and one

superprogramme originated. This programme would recommend couples suitable

terms of birth and maternity hospitals would have to obey the terms so that

parents and children can have the most common and thnaks to that they could

bring much joy during the life. The programme which would choose the most

appropriate name that would make the life of a child easier.

The programme which would lead his study intentions on the basis of his personal

abilities. The programme which would catapult him  ( at the start of adulthood )

to a group of contemporaries with the best mutual combinations, one year

introductory stay including dancing school, driving school, stays in nature,

ecological, social and other education, …so that young people could enter the life

with nice memories and maybe even with a partner being able to understand each

other longer than two years of hormonal infatuation …

As I can see my thoughts  on a bad  turn-out, there is the station Metrix

ahead though … 


17, One pleasant news : everything in the world has its advantages

and disadvantages. That is why if you decide as you want,

it will never be completely wrong.


18, How you will do it, you will have it, as the case may be everyone has

the same chance … .

It would be true if were the same growing up and living in the same conditions,

wouldn´t it? Life is simply unfair, cruel but also nice and it can be even nicer.  


19, Do not hesitate to narrowly escape the nasty obstetrician.

I myself did not do it with my first drunk even the second one dashing

to Tv screen and I have been feeling it so far. And one experience in the end :

a drunk obstetrician is better than a dashing one … .  


20, Smile, it is healthy and pleasantly infectious ! 


21, Life does not have any sense therefore it is necessary to giveit to him !!!


22, A woman´s trick for a satisfied marriage :

praise men to the skies and think what you want… .

Now I mean that is even a trick for a woman, boss, employee, …

isn´t it a universal trick ? 


23, Think twice sometimes three times before you solve the problem.


24, A woman is like a fire . You, a man , have to take care of her, otherwise she

will die if you stifle her too much or she can burn you if you do not master her.


25, Progress is the realisation of utopias.


26, A pessimist is an optimist with a life experience.


27, Do not humble as well as do not raise.


28, Our heart does not have wrinkles but only scars.


29, Do not try to leave your grief in alcohol, it can swim.


30, The truth is often the only opinion of the stronger group,

therefore it is so weak and is not worth the price of an old car.


31, The best way how to lead people is to be their example

and the the easiest way is to be born like a leader.


32, A good boss appreciates and percieves mistakes

of employees like a stimulation for improving firm´s standards.


33, Do not condemn and gossip. You had better discuss and suggest.


34, People who listen to us eagerly are much more sympathetic than those

who speak about themselves. Then we are also willing to do something for them.


35, Pharmaceutical medicenes are the devil crutch. They often solve one problem

so that the other two can appear. It is better not to forget prevention ( movement, lovemaking or at the least sex, movement, movement,

movement, avoiding tress as much as it is possible … . )


36, Parsley supports the blood circle, initiates menstruation

and is used for abortions.


37, Saffron accelerates childbirth.


38, I do not recommend binding for cross country skiing

„Rottefella SNS, NNN, ...,, and similar, compared with binding 75 mm offers

more fixed connection of a leg and a skis  => easiness of control, but in case

of a fall easier distortion  of your leg => 15 years – binding 75 mm – without

problems / 2 months – binding Rottefella – 2 operations of the right knee,

in the left one ,,only,, slightly injured inner meniscus … .


39, Do not allow a woman to be entertained alone.


40, At least sometimes be interested what the woman does.

She will be pleased and your ears may live out. 


41, I recommend a marriage bed max 90 cm wide and to sleep naked.  


42, Women „love“ us men so much how we are worth.

A salary discrimination of women or a man´s bulging wallet was one

of the reasons why we were  „appreciated“ and  „love“ was wished.

Why  is therefore so much fight against it ? …


43, Alittle body is a very complicated machine and hormons are ,,nuisance,, .

If you find in a leaflet of contraceptive pills that they thicken the blood

( they congest vessels and in the worse case even cerebral  => for example

paralysis ), change the mentality of a woman and thus the society, … .

I wonder if you find out that corticoids make spots on your skin or something

else and that some ointment of our grandmothers woul be  OK … .

Sometimes our desire for the comfort is really dangerous … . 


44, The word ,,I,, should be forbidden for everyone who communicates

with people. But sometimes it is quite difficult, isn´t it ? 


45, Praise ! 


46, The more a person has in his head the less he has on his tongue.


47,  Human´s dignity is the most expensive character.


48, A blacksmith mare goes barefoot.


49, Mums, enjoy your sons when they are small.

When they grow up, you will hardly see them.


50, I used to hear… How many languages you speak, so many times you are a man.

There are 2 types of people. Those who have better memory and those who havebetter logic. So I wonder what those ones with better logic are multiplied by.


51, The best way how to get rid of bad habits is not to start with them.


52, When you know that you have made a mistake in your relationship

with a woman, learn from that but do not apologize to her.


53, All the world´s beauties have no importance for you

if you do not have anybody who can admire them with you.


54, If you want to disinherit your child or if you disadvantage him

before the other because of small affection, you must believe that you throwyour own mistakes on him. These are mistakes when you did not think about the time of conception and engendered your descendant who does not understand you and you do not understand him. Or it could be because of your

career or … you did not look after him much.


55, Homo sapiens ? NO !!! Only Homo erectus ...

56, Lepší než dostat do vínku dobré srdce a intelekt je chytnout AIDS -

s tím se tak dlouho netrápíte ..


57, Loď se dvěma kapitány jde dvakrát rychleji ke dnu.


58, Mír přináší bohatství, bohatství přináší zpupnost, zpupnost přináší válku, válka přináší chudobu, chudoba přináší pokoru, pokora přináší mír.


59, Ženy které příliš propadnou koním, se mění do role vůdčí kobyly a s nimi je těžkej život ..  


60, Není radosti bez utrpení proto si dopřávejme jen tolik radosti kolik strasti uneseme.


61, Není na světě člověk ten, aby se zalíbil lidem všem. 


62, Ze solárka se dělají na kůži nehezké fleky, které už nezmizí, taky přílišným sluněním kůže dřív stárne, hrubne a stává se méně přitažlivou … není nad zlatou střední cestičku v létě u vody .. 


63, Musím dobře platit své pracovníky, aby měl kdo kupovat moje auta (Henry Ford)


64, Věnuj se tomu, na co se Tě lidé ptají


65, Štěstí leží vedle nás, jenom nepřejíc jej jiným ho upíráme sobě


66, Peníze charakter nekazí, jen ho odhalují.


67, Marie Terezie: Není problém nakrmit hladové, ale je problém nakrmit bohaté.


68, Proč máme ministerstvo průmyslu, zdravotnictví, .. a nemáme ministerstvo štěstí ?

Nechceme být snad šťastní nebo jsou už všichni šťastní ?

Nebo je to tak, že nejlépe se vydělává na neštěstí druhých,

což deklaruje třeba milión exekucí vedených v ČR

či průměrný plat exekutora čili osoby bezprostředně

vydělávající na neštěstí druhých 300 000,-Kč / měsíc.

Proč touží lidé vydělávat ?

Zprvu proto, aby si koupili pěkné auto, pc, holku, ..

Když už toto mají, pak proto, aby mohli ovládat ostatní

a těšili se tak ze získané moci nad nimi.

Co je tedy nutné k ovládaní druhých ?

Jejich neštěstí.

Co je tedy potřeba k dosáhnutí štěstí ? 

Celosvětově maximální možný příjem osoby cca. 3 násobek průměrného platu

včetně tzv. elit. Zaměstnávání a shlukování se lidí ne na základě výšky platu,

ale podobnosti povah a schopností.+ Jako bonus nezničená příroda díky kontrolované porodnosti

 zajišťující stálou velikost lidské populace na zemi ve velikosti

 cca. 500 mil. vzdělaných a fyzicky zdatných osob. 


69, Svět nezměníš, můžeš ale změnit sebe a celý svět bude jiný.


70, Některé z citátů Jana Amose Komenského:


- buď příjemný a milý ve tváři, vlídný a zdvořilý ve způsobech, přívětivý

 a pravdomluvný ústy, vroucí a upřímný srdcem. Miluj a tak milován budeš.- je věcí rozumnosti zdržovat se úsudku před plným poznáním věcí, zvlášť pak slov a činů.

- kdykoli se přimísí nějaké nařizování, naše mysl hned cítí odpor a odvrací se.

- když nemáš peníze nezatouží nikdo tě vidět. (pozn. Davida: neviděl bych to tak černě - myslím, že příteli složenému hlavně z testosterónu a poznání to nevadí :-) )

- máli se člověk stát člověkem, musí se vzdělat. (pozn. Davida: zdá se že by mohlo být na světě více lidí, kdyby ti vzdělaní nesloužili většinou hlupákům .. :-) )

- majetek jistou starostí, hodnosti prázdným dýmem, rozkoše sladkým jedem, osidly našeho zla. Dokud to lidé nechápou, honí se za stíny bez věcí, a rozplývají se oddáni svým nicotnostem sami v nic.

- naši učitelé nesmějí být podobni sloupům u cest, jež pouze ukazují kam jít, ale sami nejdou.

- vím, že s temnotami není potřeba bojovat, neboť přinesete-li světlo, ustoupí samy.

-  šťastný je člověk, kterého varuje cizí chyba.

- tělo nechť každodenní své hýbání má.

- všeliké kvaltování toliko pro hovada dobré jest ... :-)


71, Tajemství úspěchu je slušnost a upřímnost.

      Jakmile se jich zbavíte, dosáhnete všeho


999, Láska je jediná univerzální pravda